The RapidTransform A.I. Product Portfolio

Every step of the way, the A.I. advisors and analyzers will be there to provide actionable insights and guidance to ensure your transformation success.

A.I. Advisors and Analyzers

Applied Strategy Management Advisor

Are you an executive in need of a powerful Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) solution to help with Applied Strategic Management (ASM)? If so, RegulatedCloud’s A.I. Applied Strategic Management Advisor is just the tool you need.

Corporate Conscience Champion

At the forefront of our product suite is the A.I. Bias Analyzer, a cutting-edge tool that detects and reports on cognitive bias lurking within your organization. With this invaluable insight, you can make informed decisions and transform your corporate culture into a harmonious symphony of unbiased perspectives. Bid farewell to subjective judgments and welcome a new era of impartiality that ensures all voices are heard, and diversity thrives.

With the A.I. ESG Analyzer, you gain access to a sophisticated instrument that uncovers potential ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) alignment within any document. No longer will you be left in the dark about the level of sustainable practices or ethical governance inherent in your operation. Take a proactive stance towards sustainability, empower your organization to embrace ethical considerations, and watch as your stakeholders commend your unwavering commitment to responsible business practices.

Agile Portfolio Advisor

The A.I. Agile Portfolio Advisor provides users with comprehensive advice on agile frameworks, scrum processes, and stories – ensuring they have all the tools needed to answer any executive question about portfolio management or venture structuring. With innovative artificial intelligence capabilities, users can mix plans to maximize efficiency and time savings and keep up with autonomous changes in technology and policies.

Global Training Program Advisor

For executives looking to up-skill their global workforce rapidly, look no further than the A.I. Global Training Program Advisor by RegulatedCloud. The comprehensive education system perfectly streams large-scale enterprises’ curriculum and instructional development. Using the tried-and-true frameworks of the educational industry, like Bloom Taxonomy, you can trust the advice of the A.I. advisor to have a comprehensive understanding of the challenge. Not only will the A.I. Global Training Program Advisor help you build the perfect training program for your organization, but it will do so quickly, saving you time and resources. Trust the A.I. Global Training Program Advisor to help you make the most informed decisions on retraining and transforming your organization.

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